Monday, April 21, 2008

The Second Annual Christmas Craptacular All-Night Movie Marathon

Have a Holly Gialli Christmas
(With all apologies to the late Burl Ives.)

Have a Holly Gialli Christmas
And with each strange mystery

I don't know who deals death though
By the end it will all be clear (maybe.)

Have a Holly Gialli Christmas
And when you see a P.O.V.
Say "Oh no!" 'cuz we all know
Death's comin' short and sweet.

Oh, ho, the blood will flow,
Hacked and slashed to bits.
Someone's a-stalking you,
Some psycho, good and pissed.

Have a Holly Gialli Christmas
And while the bodies stack in tiers

Say "What, whoa?" to plots that blow
And reveals that aren't quite clear.

Have a Holly Gialli Christmas
Just when you think it's solved

But you know, a late twist
they'll throw

Then nothing is resolved.

Oh, whoa, the boobs they show,

and lesbo make-out scenes.
Vile, crude and nasty-ee,

Three cheers for Euro-sleeze!

Have a Holly Gialli Christmas,
And in case we weren't clear.
Oh, by golly, avoid the black-
gloved giallis at Christmas,
This year.

Happy Holidays all.
Or Bah! Humbug where applicable

Originally posted on December 25, 2007

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