Friday, May 7, 2010

Favorites :: Ensemble Casts : The Men of the 12th.

And together, they all made a show called...

A few favorite episodes:

The Ghost




The first four seasons of Barney Miler
are available for streaming at Hulu.


Jessica R. said...

Oh I like this idea very much, and may have to steal it. And great show too, it's like they found real world weary detectives who happened to funny.

W.B. Kelso said...

Truthfully, this thing kinda germinated from your Favorite Faces posts with a side-order of Charlie Parker. So, basically you'd be stealing it back.

Growing up my brother and I would watch this after the late local news. Got hooked and have loved it ever since. And I really wish Sony would get off their asses and release seasons four and five already. Yeesh.

armns said...

one of the best tv shows ever

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