Monday, May 23, 2011

Favorites :: Comic Book Covers :: Marvel Comics Six Issue Adaptation of Star Wars...

... or Episode IV. Or A New Hope. Or ... you know what? Screw that. It's just Star Wars. Always was. Always will be.

-- Issue #1 --
Artists: Howard Chaykin, Tom Palmer

-- Issue #2 --
Artists: Howard Chaykin, Tom Palmer

-- Issue #3 --
Artists: Dave Cockrum, Tom Palmer

-- Issue #4 --
Artists: Gil Kane, Dave Cockrum

-- Issue #5 --

Artists: Rick Hoberg, Dave Cockrum

-- Issue #6 --
Artists: Rick Hoberg, Dave Cockrum

Treasury Editions:
Front and Back Covers.

-- Special Edition #1 --
Artists: Rick Hoberg, Dave Cockrum

-- Special Edition #2 --
Artists: Tony DeZuniga

-- Special Edition #3 --
Artists: Ernie Chan

For more on the history of these comics and what happened right after The Battle of Yavin, click right here.


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

The Marvel Special Editions were a huge influence on me as a child and really propelled my interest in comics.

I was seven (circa 1978) and loved Star Wars, but when my elementary school had a--for lack of a better term--heavily-promoted thing where seemingly the entire student body ordered the two volumes from Scholastic publishing. The four-to-six week wait was interminable, but when those books arrived at the school library it was well worth it. I recall handing my order slip to a librarian and her pulling one of the oversized volumes out of a big was a sight to behold! Every kid was sitting around reading (or looking at the gigantic artwork).

The whole experience reminds me of the scene in Goodfellas when all the guys are standing around wearing those yellow cardigans.

W.B. Kelso said...

I remember buying (-- well, conning my Grandfather into buying) the first Treasury Edition at the Gibsons (remember when you could buy comics at the grocery store?). Was well aware of Star Wars but hadn't seen it yet. Was immediately hooked by the story and the art, and, left hanging, the wait for part two in the second Treasury Edition was a long one indeed. This all hit right around the time my father passed away, and going to a Galaxy far, far away was just what this eight year old needed at the time.

Thanks for commenting!

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