Monday, January 18, 2016

Favorites :: A Movie Within a Movie :: Rendezvousing at the Orbit in Jim Mickle's Cold in July (2014)

I've gushed at length elsewhere about my love for author Joe R. Lansdale. And one of the things which has always enamored me to his books and short stories is that through several hints and throwaway references, all of them, though separated by decades and distance, all take place, essentially, in the same universe. And that's why I loved the bit in Cold in July (2014) where the three main characters set a clandestine meeting at the Orbit Drive-In, to discuss what to do next as Night of the Living Dead (1968) plays out while they slowly unravel a conspiracy that involves a trail of corruption and murder which runs from local law enforcement to the F.B.I. and a protected witness. And as one watches, one likes to think that maybe two cars over Hap and Leonard are also trying to sort out the mess they've currently gotten themselves into. And up the road a piece to the north, on the grounds of the The Shady Rest Retirement Home, two distinguished gentlemen are hunting for a mummy; and to the south a fairground, maybe, where John Frost's Oddities of the World Freak Show are setting up for a weekend run. And up above, currently rocketing past Jupiter, an inter-dimensional comet adjusts its trajectory a bit and zeroes in. Beyond that, I encourage you all to check out the movie surrounding the movie that I would discuss further but I don't wanna give anything away and we'll just let you peel that onion yourself. It's that good. Honest.

Cold in July (2014) BSM Studio :: Backup Media :: Bullet Pictures :: Paradise City :: IFC Films / EP: Jean-Baptiste Babin, Robert Ogden Barnum, Emilie Georges, Manuel Chiche, David Atlan Jackson, Nick Shumaker, Joel Thibout, Jack Turner, Daniel Wagner / P: Rene Bastian, Adam Folk, Joe R. Lansdale, Linda Moran, Marie Savare / LP: Lizz Morhaim / D: Jim Mickle / W: Jim Mickle, Nick Damici, Joe R. Lansdale (novel) / C: Ryan Samul / E: John Paul Horstmann, Jim Mickle / M: Jeff Grace / S: Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard, Don Johnson, Vinessa Shaw, Nick Damici

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