Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Favorite Scenes :: Frank King Spells it Out, Rather Simply, in Jay Roach's Trumbo (2015)

Finally watched Trumbo (2015) last night and, wow. In a movie full of great characters, characterizations and scenes, I think my favorite is when John Goodman (as schlockmeister, Frank King,) loses his shit and takes a bat to some Red-baiting bureaucratic weasel, officially turning the tide against The Blacklist, and it's a thing of pure beauty:

"I don't think you and me are gonna be pals. Wanna keep me from hiring union? I'll go downtown, hire a bunch of winos and hookers. It doesn't matter. I make garbage!"

"You wanna call me a pinko in the papers? Do it! None of the people that go to my f*cking movies can read!"

"I'm in this for the money and the pussy and they're both falling off the trees! Take it away from me. Go ahead. I won't sue you."

"But this will be the last f*cking thing you see before I beat you to death with it."

Also, also, Bryan Cranston isn't getting nearly enough love for his performance as Donald Trumbo. I was pulling for Damon (The Martian) over DeCraprio (The Revenant), but now I'm embracing the true underdog. 


Unknown said...

Cranston is a great actor, but I believe he's suffering from being branded 'A television guy' even though his Walter White is very arguably the greatest performance the medium has ever seen. I thought he was excellent as Trumbo, though I liked Leo in the Revelant more, maybe Decaprio gets his Oscar that he should have won for The Aviator. Cranston is now a leading man, so maybe he gets in the Oscar que down the line.

W.B. Kelso said...

Here's the main reason I think Cranston deserves the Oscar: as an actor, I totally lost track of him in the role. To sum up: I forgot that was Cranston. Can't say the same for Leo and Matt etc. etc.

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