Saturday, August 12, 2017

Events :: If You Happen to Be in Grand Island, NE, This Weekend Come See Us Lampoon a Bird. A Bird as Big as a Battleship!

Yeah, that hairless Sasquatch on the right with the pretty, pretty lips is me. And inspired by the Best Brains behind Mystery Science Theater 3000, me and my friends Mike and Matt will be spending Saturday afternoon doing a Live Riff of the 1957, totally gonzo, monster movie classic, The Giant Claw.

Which will be making it's triumphant return to the Grand Theater after debuting 60 years ago back in June of '57. Here's a few more admats for the event and photos from the tech rehearsal for the upcoming show:

And so, Boils and Ghouls, if you have a free day and are in the area, drop on by and watch three grown men make complete fools of themselves poking holes into an endearingly awful movie with some endearing awful jokes at said movie's expense. 

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