Monday, June 11, 2018

DANGER :: The Atomic Weight of Cheese Podcast :: Episode 13 :: A Birthday Tribute to the Coolest Ghoul and a True Hero of the National Larder.

As Darkness falls across the land, Our three cheesy hosts are close at hand. To talk about all sin and vice, For a podcast about Vincent Price. His birthday is a few weeks passed, And we talk about him. It was a blast! So stand and face the hounds of hell, We cover it all, far as we can tell. The demons squeal in sheer delight, At our favorite horror acolyte. His early career and much much more, Comes creeping through the cheese bunker door. Tell us about your favorite fright, On social media tonight. And though you fight to stay alive. Your lungs will start to wheeze. For no mere mortal can resist The Atomic Weight of Cheese.

Our podcast can be found on Feedburner, iTunes and we're also now available on Stitcher. You can keep up with the podcast at The Atomic Weight of Cheese. Also, please Like and Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, where we'll be posting our latest episode updates, episode specific visual aides, and other oddities, nonsense and general mayhem. Also, if it ain't too much trouble, write us a review to let us know how much you like us or how much we suck. So come join us and listen in, won't you? We live to serve ... YOU.

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