Monday, August 9, 2010

Aw, shucks.

Hooray! And thanks to The Great White Dope for tagging me as a Versatile Blogger. I've said it elsewhere but it's worth repeating: appreciation from my peers is something I take very seriously and is much appreciated on my end. Now ... There are rules and regs for passing this honor along to other deserving bloganaires. To start with, tic off seven things about yourself:

1: I used to engrave tombstones for a living.
2: Turns out Dean Wormer was wrong. You can go through your whole life being fat, drunk and stupid -- but I wouldn't really recommend it.
3: Have owned seven cars in my lifetime.
4: I've wrecked six of them, explaining the seventh (and the inevitable eighth.)
5: My holy cinema trinity would probably be Bava, (Anthony) Mann and Honda.
6: I'm not very good with lists.
7: See entry #6.

As for passing this award along, check out these fine establishments:

Attack of the B-Movie Muzak
The League of Dead Films
Fantastic Flashbacks
Vintage Scans
Spooky Laboratory

1 comment:

ProfessorMortis said...

Honored Chad. I will need to think about who I would nominate, or if I will break my thus far ironclad "Reviews Only" rule, but I appreciate it!

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