Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aw, Nutz...

No. No. B-Fest itself has not been canceled.
But! Due to an absolute train-wreck of unforeseen,
dire and completely understandable circumstances,
annual trip to Chicago for 24-Hours of B-Movie
and butt-numbing insanity had to be scuttled.

Again: Nutz.

I are a sad, sad Panda, today.


For those of you still going, here's what the transparency
our sponsored film would have looked like.
(Burn a few seats during this one for me, eh.)

And so, to cheer myself up I've had this playing
on a loop for about a day and half:

By Gum, I think it's working!

Yup. Definitely working.
(Thank you, Leslie Gore!)

And before I go and play it again
I only have one last thing to say:

B-Fest 2012 or Bust, Baby!


Stacia said...

Oh no! I would be sad panda too :( I hope everything is okay.

Also, brb laughing forever at your header.

W.B. Kelso said...

One of our group had family health concerns, another was on shaky financial ground to begin with, and I had some unexpected vet bills to contend with. Add it all up and the whole group decided this just wasn't our year to go. It was the right decision but I'm still majorly bummed.

Stumbled on that image for the header in an old, aborted Zardoz review and was instantly inspired. Glad you like it!

Stacia said...

Boy, do I know about unexpected vet bills. Critters cost money. I completely sympathize.

It has been so long since I caught "Zardoz" on (probably) Monstervision or 100% Weird, and I have forgotten most of it -- I drank a lot in those days -- but memories came flooding back when I saw that header. Good times.

P.S. Word verification is pandac! This is a sign.

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