Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Attack of the 50ft. Blogathon!

Well, since I had so much fun the last time, I am once more answering the call and will participate in Nathanael Hood's latest blogathon over at The Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear. This time, participants will be going all Bobby "Boris" Pickett on some gonzoidal monster movie gold nuggets from the 1950's. Some well known, others not so much. As for my choice of fantastic fright flicks, I'm gonna go off the beaten path a bit to tackle Richard E. Cunha's nefariously wonky piece of cheezecake cum proto-Nazisploitation insanity better known as...

It's totally Cunhalogical, folks. And that is freakin' terrifying.

Stay tuned!

I'm participating. Are you?

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