Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An Open Letter to Joss Whedon in Regards to The Avengers (2012)

First and foremost. Loved the movie. Saw it 13 times in the theater. Nine times on purpose, four other times I had expressly gone to the theater to see other movies but, upon arrival, said, screw it, I wanna see your movie again. (Sorry, Prometheus. Sorry, The Amazing Spider-Man.) I even finally upgraded to a BluRay player, mostly so I could get my hands on the expanded The Avengers home version package.

So, yes, I loved your movie, now having officially lost count of the times I've sat through it. The last just as enjoyable as the first, mind you. Sure, upon the umpteenth viewing I decided there were a couple things I might've changed or done different; piddling things, mind you. All except one, that would have made an awesome movie even more so.

Imagine, if you will, during the climactic battle between our ragtag band of heroes and those Loki led, alien invading scum. Cut to the scene where Thor and Captain America are fighting back to back against a shitload of Chitari ground troops. Now imagine during this melee, Thor takes the brunt of a salvo of lasers from one of those giant Mechano-Space-Whales. A blast so brutal he drops his hammer. And then, in almost a completely throwaway moment you are so famous for, the Hulk jumps in to distract the Mechano-Whale, Thor crawls out of the blast crater, with a helping hand from Cap. With the other hand, while Thor steadies himself and shakes off the blast, Cap picks up the discarded Mjolnir, hands it back to him, and then charges into a knot of aliens.

Now, Cap has no idea what he's just done. But Thor does. And the audience does, too. He then gives one of those patented, Hemsworth shit-eating grins, and rejoins the fight ... See! Awesome, and then some. And feel free to use this scenario in any form in Avengers 2 or Avengers 3.

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