Sunday, August 30, 2015

Exiting, Stage Left.

Holy crap, but it's that time of year again folks. E'yup, the Annual September Sabbatical is upon us, which means I will back away from the keyboard and let my typing knuckles scab over for a whole calendar month. Well, almost, as I will be bobbing to the surface long enough to post in The Celluloid Zeroes latest roundtable:

As to what I will be reviewing for that, well, it's a surprise. But not that big of one when I tell you a giant Were-Spider is involved. And when we officially return in October, I will be joining another motley consortium of blogs for Hubrisween III, a 26 day-straight Alphabetical Horror Movie Marathon, starting with Anthropophagus (1980) and ending with Zombie Lake (1980) with all kinds of surprises in-between.

And then, following that up in November, I will be participating in The Criterion Blogathon, which should be self-explanatory enough.

And to what I will be covering? Oh, just a bunch of murdering disembodied brains hopping around in this:

So, yeah, time to recharge the mental batteries a bit before tackling all of that. Fear not, I shall return. Until then, stay cool, Boils and Ghouls. Now play us out, boys...

Video courtesy of paulallen360.

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