Wednesday, January 31, 2018

ATTENTION :: We've Got a New Blogathon Alert, Der, eh!

That's right all you Canuckleheads and Hosers, Yours Truly will be participating in The O Canada Blogathon 2018 edition in just over a week. Co-hosted by Ruth of Silver Screenings  and Kristina of Speakeasy, this spotlight on Canada’s contributions -- people, subjects and settings --  to film history and pop culture will run Feb. 9th thru the 11th. There's still time to sign up, so follow the links and get to scribblin'.

As for my contribution? Well, whenever I think of The Great White North, I usually think of Bob and Doug McKenzie, the RCMP, and the joys of Canuxploitation Slasher Movies of the early 1980s. And since I already reviewed Strange Brew (1983) -- AND The Mutants of 2051A.D., years ago, and couldn't get my hands on a copy of The Canadian Mounties vs Atomic Invaders (1953), thus and so, the Brewery will take a stab at one of my all time favorites of the genre, My Bloody Valentine (1981). It's gonna be a real beauty, eh. 

I'm participating, are you?

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