Monday, February 5, 2018

DANGER :: The Atomic Weight of Cheese Podcast :: Episode 5 :: I Love the Smell of Nerd Funk in the Morning.

Greetings, Atomic Cheeseketeers! Seems the latest episode of The Atomic Weight of Cheese is a go. And this round, Mike, Steph and Yours Truly focus our mirth and mayhem on a whole can of mirth and mayhem: B-Fest, A&O Films annual 24 hour B-Movie marathon. From being locked in a theater for 24 hours to a dangerous lack of sleep to flying projectiles to jokes that can only be called legendary to jokes that make you want to punch someone in the neck to the fondest memories of friends to the answer 'what’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen,' we go through 15 years of B-Fests past and, who knows, might help inspire you to attend yourself someday. Believe me, it's one helluva trip.

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