Friday, June 5, 2009

Movie Poster Spotlight :: Not to Be Confused with the Original Flash Gordon...

Flesh Gordon (Graffiti Productions 1974) :: When Wang, the evil and perverted emperor of the planet Porno, starts bombarding the earth with a deadly sex ray, with Dale Ardo by his side, Flesh jumps into Dr. Jerkoff's phallic rocket and blasts off to put a stop to Wang's treachery before his home-planet screws itself to death.

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Actually more insane than it's dubious reputation (-- and also a lot better than you'd think), the film was produced under the guiding hand of Bill Osco, who the very next year was at it again with an X-Rated version of Alice in Wonderland. (And if you listen real close, that sound you just heard was Lewis Carrol's grave detonating.) Some would argue that too much plot in your porn is counter-productive, but I find both films to be hilariously raunchy with production values and F/X standards that go well beyond the normal fare, and just like with Playboy, I'm here more for the stories than the scenery.

In the 1980's, Osco tried to go legit with a couple of features outside his wheel-house; first with Idaho's very own mutant-killer spud movie, The Being, and then Night Patrol, a vehicle for comedian Murray Langston and his paper-sack, before returning to his roots with The Art of Nude Bowling.


Tower Farm said...

I recently rented "Flesh" and had a really hard time sitting through it...I guess I'm for the scenery more than the stories!

However, I'm thinking the killer potato movie has got to be wonderful...


W.B. Kelso said...

Truthfully, it's the production values and F/X that keeps me coming back to this movie -- but not very regularly.
Those "Phantom Empire" Rape-Robots floor me every time.

And I believe The Being finally had a DVD release not that long ago.

Thanks for reading!

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