Monday, October 11, 2010

Rehashed Reviews :: The Trick or Treat Edition!

First up, Will Vinton's magic clay whips up a wild and hilarious tale of a talking pig (with delusions of grandeur) and his snail sidekick crashing a Monster Convention in search of fortune and glory and Frankenswine's monster. Nietzschean self-help seminars, Hack-n-Slash knife demos, and drunken monsters in fezzes ... if that ain't it enough to get you to click on over and read more, then don't bother.

And after your survive that escapade, pour yourselves a little Hair of the Werewolf that Bit You, knock it back, then join us on the Isle of Evil, where the tandem of Rankin & Bass, Boris Karloff, and the rockin' sounds of Little Tibia and the Fibulas has us amped up and in the mood for an all out Mad Monster Party.

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