Saturday, January 11, 2014

Great Moments in Cinema #1562 :: Now That's Some Fully Functional Armor :: Shane Black's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

What absolutely floors me about this scene, where the despondent, out of work, and already well-lubricated actor (Chris Gilman), dressed up in his old Protocop costume, is caught stealing cookies and a brewski in a neighbor's apartment (Michelle Monaghan), was how he used the armor so fluidly, so automatically, you just knew this wasn't the first time it had doubled as a bottle-opener and this was how he spent most nights; and if you inspected the armor a little closer, you would probably notice a well worn notch on the plating from all the use and abuse since the TV show's cancellations two years prior. One of the many throwaway details that always add up to something special in Shane Black's feature films. 


Chris Gilman said...

I'm Chris Gilman, and I approve of this ad.... No, sorry, I'm happy to see someone noticed this. The first take, I jumped so suddenly at her yell, I dropped the bottle, putting the prop man in a bind, as he only made 6 bottles.
A funny story about this scene.
I made the some of the props for "The Natural", the Robert Redford film about baseball. One of them, was "Wonder Boy" and in the film, the prop I'm threatened with (as Protocop) a parody of that bat, in this film, named "Wonder-girl". No one on set knew, I had made the original prop.

W.B. Kelso said...

Very cool, man. Thanks for sharing!

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