Saturday, October 3, 2009

Somewhere, a MegaWeapon is Crying...

While I was out, word broke that long time character actor Robert Ginty passed away in late September, having lost his fight with cancer. A rock-n-roll drummer turned thespian, Ginty was one of those guys whose face you recognized but could never put a name to it. Probably best remembered for his roles on the tube, with The Paper Chase and one of Pappy Boyington's Black Sheep, there was also an under-appreciated decade long spurt of pure gonzoidal cinematic gold, where Ginty delivered the goods in the likes of the post-apocalyptic six-pack of awefullsomeness, Warrior of the Lost World, and James Glickenhaus' nasty little napalm-fueled sleaze-noir, The Exterminator.

And the thought of Ginty at the Pearly Gates, straddling that talking proto-Megaforce bike with a flame-thrower strapped to his back brings a melancholy smile to my face.

Robert Ginty

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