Friday, August 10, 2012

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James Luisi

Gretchen Corbett

Stuart Margolin

Joe Santos

Noah Beery Jr.

The Trailer

The Firebird

The Answering Machine

And James Garner

And, together, they made an offbeat,
neo-noir detective show called...

There a ton of other regular reoccurring characters, too, with Tom Atkins, Joey Tata, Pat Finley, Bo Hopkins, Isaac Hayes, James Whitmore Jr., and Rita Moreno that only make me love this show even more. Also, save your arguments, but, this is the greatest instance of character and theme music fusion the boob tube has ever produced.

Video courtesy of Constantine Chernabog.


Stacia said...

One of my favorite TV shows! I remember Dionne Warwick guest starring and playing a character, not herself, but wearing a big diamond necklace with the initials "DW" on it! It is because of Jim "you haven't lived until you've tried to serve me with a subpoena" Rockford that I never take anything that is handed to me.

Years ago, someone on Usenet was pretending to be its emperor and handed out baronies and such, and I was "given" The other regulars of the group were unimpressed.

Jessica R. said...

Love this show, I need to finally learn how to do screencaps so I totally nab this idea for Sugarbang.

W.B. Kelso said...

Garner is awesome but one of this shows greatest strengths is it's continuity and supporting characters. And the one thing I loved about Rockford is how he can sniff out a scam like a shark senses an iota of blood in the vast ocean.

Jess, one of the easiest ways to do screencaps is to play the video on your computer and there should be a "print screen" or "print scrn" button on your keyboard. When you have the image you want, hit that button, open up your basic paint program that came with your computer and then hit Ctrl-V to past the image into the program. Crop and size from there and steal away.

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