Thursday, February 7, 2013

Favorites :: Comic Book Covers :: Han and Chewie Ride Again!

As the rumor mill kicks into high gear over all the talk of the impending Star Wars sequels and spin-offs coming soon to a theater near you, it should come as a surprise to nobody that at least one of these films would focus on a certain, scruffy-looking Corellian and (hopefully) his boon companion with the tendency to pull people's arms off when he loses. And while most scuttlebutt says the film will focus on a young Solo, well, while we're wishing, here is the Han and Chewie story I wanna see adapted for the big screen:

That's right, I want Star Wars by way of Kurosawa (again) and Sturges, with a Tsuburaya chaser. E'yup, we got Han and Chewie pulling a Seven Samurai / Magnificent Seven, where they lead a group of alien mercenaries -- including a walking pin-cushion, a green space rabbit, and some old kook whose read too much Cervantes -- in battle against a horde of intergalactic bandits in defense of some peasants that culminates with all of them fighting a giant kaiju that can shoot laser-beams out its noggin. Of course I'm not making that up.

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