Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hello, I Must Be Going. I Cannot Stay, I Came to Say I Must Be Going. I'm Glad I Came But Just the Same I Must Be Going...

It's at-thay ime-tay of-way ear-yay, olks-fay. ime-Tay or-fay e-thay Annual-way eptember-Say abbatical-Say! ere-Whay I-way ake-tay a-way ole-whay onth-may off-way om-fray e-thay orld-way ide-way eird-way of-way eb-way! *eyegitty**eyegitty**eyegitty*

Uh, sorry about that. Been dreaming in Pig Latin lately. Anyhoo ... Fear not, as always, I shall return in October, typing knuckles scabbed over, brain recharged, and loins-girded only to jump back into the fray, big time, as I once more will take part in Hubrisween, meaning 26 spooky film reviews in 26 days. See ya then, Boils and Ghouls. And until then, stay cool! Now play us out, Buck!

Video courtesy of HBKmaDUB. 

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