Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ATTENTION :: Blogathon Alert!

There's always room for more giallo, am I right? And that's why I'll be strapping on my black patent leather gloves and sharpening up my favorite kitchen untensil in preparation to participate in Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies' latest endeavor, The Italian Horror Blogathon, where, and I quote, folks are encouraged to share their thoughts on anything from gialli to zombies to bad knock-offs of more popular movies to really bad exploitation flicks -- as long as it's horror and from Italy, it meets the criteria for this blogathon.

Yeah, definitely in on this one. And what will I be breaking my Baroque womp'n stick over this go-round? Well, though he's mostly known for his wonky, low-fi sci-fi output, Luigi Cozzi also made an outstanding thriller, L'assassino รจ costretto ad uccidere ancora:

a/k/a The Killer Must Kill Again. Until then...

I'm participating. Are you?

1 comment:

Antaeus Feldspar said...

I can't wait! Make sure you give us a link here when your contibution goes up!

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