Saturday, October 15, 2011

YouTube Finds :: Just When You Thought It Was Safe to -- Ah, Forget It. Just watch!

As a wise man once said, It started small. Like it always does [from the book of Egg Shen: Chapter Burton, Verse Jack] -- and then quickly spiraled out of control so badly that we all wound up here ... Okay, so, it all began at work several days ago, where I was completely dumbfounded to discover that several of my co-workers were blissfully unaware that there'd been a JAWS 4. And no, JAWS the Revenge didn't ring any bells, either, which led me to ruin YouTube's bandwith, showing all these scoffers this glorious clip of just-add-water WTF...

Video courtesy of .

... and then, well, after watching that giant chunk of stoopidity (-- and, believe it or not, the studio-mandated overhaul ending is even worse), I had to convince them that the film was real and not some internet hoax. (Yes, that's Lorraine Gary. Yes, that really is Michael Caine. Yes, that's the Last Starfighter. No, I didn't know sharks could hover out of water like a dolphin. And, no I didn't know sharks could roar, either...)

Like I said: Even worse.
(Nope. That's not a hoax, either.)

Anyways, as I passed this anecdote on to others more well-versed in the lore of franchise-killing sequels, my good friend Jessica Ritchey threw out this awesome nugget of awesomeness:
"It's rare a franchise will produce it's own cheap Italian knock off." And after I stood up and applauded this latest round of brilliant insight (no, really, go read her blog), it got me to thinking about this:

a/k/a Great White, a/k/a The Last Shark; the true Italian busted-block knock-off of the JAWS franchise. So much so, as the legend goes, Universal got an injunction against the film, bringing it's theatrical release to an abrupt end and making a(n official) domestic home video release nearly impossible. But in this age of the internet, after a little poking around, I see that L'Ultiomo Sqaulo is now available, serialized on YouTube -- complete with Turkish subtitles for all of us to enjoy...

Video courtesy of

(At least I think those are Turkish subtitles...)

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