Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shameless Plugs Part Deux :: Movie Poster Spotlight at the Archive.

And now, after that hemorrhage of Hitchcock posts, we get to the second reason -- well, third reason if you count the For the Love of Film blogathon, for the dearth of posts at the Brewery lately. For, while getting the Morgue back on its feet, I've also been busting hump tidying up our other sister site, the Poster Archive. Thus, and so, I am proud to announce that we've reached our 100th posted Poster Campaign. And the honor for that goes to one of my favorite movies...

Click here for the rest.

Other milestones include our 75th poster campaign:

Our 50th poster campaign:

Our 25th poster campaign:

And our first campaign:

By my math, so you'd better double-check it, that means there are 96 more campaigns waiting for your viewing pleasure. American International Double-Features, Toho Imports, including their non-kaiju output, Ray Harryhausen movies, William Castle movies with all the entailing ballyhoo and bullshit and a whole lot more, with lots and lots more to come. As for this place, I hope to finally get the latest SLIFR quiz finished, and there's a couple other posts brewing. Stay tuned.

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