Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meme Leech :: 20 Actresses to See

A couple weeks ago there was a meme circulating throughout a number of blogs I frequent, focusing on twenty actresses whose flickering image you really enjoyed watching. The selections I found were all impressive, but it got me to thinking again on the difference between best and most favorite. And since I haven't been around long enough to get tagged properly and have a bad habit of gate-crashing these things anyways, I decided to make my own list of actresses who may have not have made the A-list (-- or those who had but weren't all that shy about venturing into the underbelly of the Bs --) but are total aces in my humble and slightly warped estimation.

Allison HayesxxxxxxAngela BettisxxxxxxAnne Francis

Betsy Jones-MorelandxxxCaroline MunroxxxxCathy O'Donnellxx

Cheri CafaroxxxxxClaudia JenningsxxxxxDiana Rigg

Dorothy MalonexxxxxDyanne ThornexxxxxEdwige Fenech

Gloria GrahamexxxxxHazel CourtxxxxxxJane Darwellx

xxKumi MizunoxxxxxxxLiana OrfeixxxxxxLuciana Paluzzi

Mamie Van DorenxxxxxxMara CordayxxxxxxxMarilu Toloxx

Mary WoronovxxxxxxxMiki SugimotoxxxxxxxMyrna Loyxx

xxPaula PrentissxxxxxxxxReiko IkexxxxxxxSusan Strasbergxx

xxxSuzy KendallxxxxxxxYvette VickersxxxxxxYvonne Craigxxx

Yeah, I know that's 30 entries, not twenty. Couldn't be helped. I'm a dirty, stinking cheater. And frankly, this list could have easily been bumped up to fifty and I still would have left out a dozen or so ladies that I truly admire. (And for the record, Beverly Garland belongs on this list somewhere. But since I just did a mammoth memorial for her, I omitted her to make room for someone else.)

The whole thing started over at The Film Experience, and you can click on over to see how this got started, and then come back to see how far it has fallen and augered into the earth.


Vanwall said...

Jeez, you get the award for most eclectic, if nothing else, and hell, this may be the most fun list of 'em all! Excellent in the extreme!

W.B. Kelso said...

Thanks -- glad you liked 'em.

I'm sure at some point I probably had a quick, dry-fart pause when I realized I had Cheri Cafaro and Dyanne Thorne lumped together with Jane Darwell and Myrna Loy before shaking it off to find pictures of Mamie Van Wowsers.

Jack Pendarvis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jack Pendarvis said...

Dang! I forgot Paula Prentiss! Sorry, Paula Prentiss.

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