Sunday, March 8, 2009

Destructible Shark :: Jaws the Revenge

Over at the Destructible Man, the Flying Maciste Brothers have put out a call to all bloggers to present their favorite Animal Dummy Deaths ever committed to film for The Destructible Blogathon. Now, now, calm down: we're not talking about those atrocities committed in a certain Italian gut-muncher, but the instances where the F/X tends to break down a little bit when one of the animal kingdom meets an untimely -- and rather stiff -- demise. The only stipulation being that the scene could not be from a comedy; and though my pick was certainly laughable, that was not what the film makers had in mind or intended. In fact, the original ending to JAWS the Revenge was goofy enough -- so goofy that Universal demanded that it be re-shot to fix it. The only problems was, the new footage actually turned out worse! Much worse!! How much worse? Well, see for yourself.

Here's the ending I remember when I ponied up to see this in the theater back in '87:

Now that is a whole six-pack full of demented awfulsomeness. And then they had to go and ruin it. Sorry; it won't let me embed the vid. So go watch it, and then come back. I'll wait...

... And welcome back. That's right. The shark blew up not once, not twice, not even thrice, but four friggin' times.

Hee-hee... Shark go Boom!

Wow. Just wow.

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