Monday, January 3, 2011

Three Down, 362 To Go :: The League of Dead Films vs. the Calendar Year.

Okay, folks, listen up and put your reading glasses on, 'cuz my esteemed friend, colleague, and fellow film-loving fiend, Professor Mortis [pictured above, on the way to his man cave somewhere in the nor'east], has taken on an epic trial of Herculean proportions over at The League of Dead Films. I'll let him explain further:

"Ever wonder what might be a good movie to watch today? Or see a movie and think: ”This would be great to watch on St. Crispin’s Day/Arbor Day/Tom Atkin’s birthday?” Starting on New Year’s Day, The League will have answers to these and other not-quite-burning questions. Each day we’ll highlight a different movie that would make for dynamite viewing “on this date”. Readers are encouraged to comment and commend, condemn, or suggest an alternate film-certainly there’s always next year!"

That's right, one film recommendation a day, every day, for a full year. Love the concept. Love the execution. Now click on over and see what you should be watching next, starting on January 1st.

Good luck, m'man.

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