Saturday, March 10, 2012

Recommendations :: What I've Been Watching. And You Should, too. Or not...

William Powell's mid-life crisis personifies itself with a beautiful siren of the deep. Too bad he's married. Mayhem and wackiness ensues in this delightful screwball comedy. Highly recommended.

Ah, Fred Olen Ray ... It has been far, far too long since last we tangled my friend. Let's see. Massive pilfering of stock footage from Battle Beyond the Stars, a mutant Tasmanian Armadillo, and one (1) gratuitous boob-shot. And hey, a cameo by Aldo Ray AND the Alien's Deadly Spawn. Win! Recommendation? Oh, hell yes!

I am so glad that I watched A Cold Night's Death now instead of when it first aired back in 1973. If three year old me had watched this disturbing Made-for-TV flick, I would never've slept again. That is some freaky-deaky shit going on, right there. And that ending? Wow.
Highly, highly recommended.

Focusing on the wackadoodle child evangelist turned wackadoodle actor, consider this documentary the Gortner's Last Crusade. Fascinating stuff. Recommended.

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