Saturday, February 2, 2013

Movie Poster Spotlight :: Tieni D'occhio Il Cielo :: Photobustas for Howard Hawks' The Thing from Another World (1951)

As a shock to probably no one, but, when asked to name my all-time favorite movie there is no need for toiling or sweating or gut-checking over the answer. Hands down, Howard Hawks The Thing from Another World is still tops. Thus and so, I decided to mark the milestone of my 500th post at the Brewery by throwing a spotlight on the same with this batch of fantastic (if not slightly misleading) Italian photobustas for La Cosa Da Un Altro Mondo! Enjoy.

The Thing from Another World (1951) Winchester Pictures Corporation :: RKO Radio Pictures / P: Howard Hawks / AP: Edward Lasker / D: Christain Nyby, Howard Hawks / W: Charles Lederer, Howard Hawks, Ben Hecht, John W. Campbell Jr. (story) / C: Russell Harlan / E: Roland Gross / M: Dimitri Tiomkin / S: Kenneth Tobey, Margaret Sheridan, Robert Cornthwaite, Dewey Martin, Douglas Spencer, James Young, Robert Nichols, William Self, James Arness


Stacia said...

Hey, happy 500th! And I love your new header!

I just saw The Thing again a few weeks ago. It gets better on every single viewing, no joke.

W.B. Kelso said...

Thankee kindly, ma'am. Same here, on the movie, though heaven only knows how many times I've sat through it. Keep watching the skies and all that.

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