Friday, February 3, 2017

Spotlight :: Vintage Toys :: A Long Time Ago, in a Basement Far, Far Away...

Do not ask me where the vinyl cape went. I SAID DON'T ASK!


"But mom, you can never have enough Stormtroopers!"

"Or Snowtroopers!"

On to shelf two!

Still helping.

"Hey. Who's that guy with the big head?"

One to shelf three!

 Pretty sure that smaller block went with the Slave-1 vehicle.


And done.

And as a bonus, I also have about a half-dozen card backs that managed to not get tossed. Here's a couple I had framed.

I do believe the missing proof of purchase 
was used to get the free 4-LOM figure. 

One of the elements I had always intended to include in this blog was to throw a spotlight on the old toys and games of my misspent youth but just like with almost everything else I never really got around to do anything with this notion. UNTIL TODAY! Here, is a really, really bad photo essay -- a collage, if you're feeling generous, of unpacking my old Star Wars action figures and putting them out for viewing in a makeshift display case of my own haphazard design. (Note the old re-purposed cassette tape cases for shelving.) I do apologize for the piss-poor quality of the photos; the camera app on my phone is worthless, but the one for Twitter takes better pictures. This, of course, I found out when I was almost done. Alas! 

First figure I ever received. Still have it. 

Anyhoo, about 90% of these were what I played with as a kid with the other 10% picked up hither and yon when antique malls were a thing. The accessories are only about 60 to 70% original with a lot of repro-weapons purchased as replacements. Most of the variants were bought back in the day and didn't even realize I had them until that became a thing in the collector's market. *shrug*. And I'd like to give a huge shout-out to the coolest Mama Bear in the galaxy who gifted me nearly everything in the damned Kenner catalogue from 1978-1985 (-- there's a ton of old Christmas photos that I hope to post in the future), and then didn't throw any of these away. At least what managed to survive in one piece -- my fault, not hers. Yeah. Most of my old playsets are long gone after years of use and abuse but I do still have a few vehicles, which we'll save for another post on another day. 


Lacey said...

But . . but . . . but .. . .


Wow, that looks fantastic.
Good job with your post and with your display.

W.B. Kelso said...

They've all been through the wars alrighty.

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