Monday, December 4, 2017

WARNING :: The Cheese Has Officially Hit the Fan :: The Atomic Weight of Cheese Podcast Is a Go!

Hello, Boils and Ghouls! That's right! Yours truly, along with good friends and authors, Mike Bockoven (Fantasticland, The Pack) and Steph Romanski (The Resurrection Man), join forces to solve the eternal equation and try to answer, What IS The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Where Cult Movies is Life and Life is Often a Cult Movie. 

(Not quite live from The Cheese-Proof Bunker.) 

The podcast can be found on Feedburner, and iTunes. Or you can follow our progress at The Atomic Weight of Cheese that can get your hooked up for our inaugural episode ... Bucky Beaver Presents: Oral Trauma, where we flail around, try to find our footing, and try to knock out any teeth both physically and cinematically. Also, please Like and Follow us on Facebook, on Twitter, and Tumblr where we'll be posting on our latest episode updates, episode specific visual aides, and other oddities, nonsense and general mayhem. So come join us and listen in, won't you? Thank you!

Listen to this man. He's a scientist!

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