Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sights and Sounds :: B-Fest 2005

When traveling through scenic Iowa City, be sure to
stop at the McDonald's at the Coralville Exit, where
nightmare-fueled things like this await you...

Dinner with the Legion of Doom or The BMMB?
You be the judge.

Drinks at the Hala Kahiki. And is it me, or do we
look like we're ready to play The Family Feud?

Finding a seat. And apparently, I'm lost already.

Josh simulates the slo-motion train wreck from The Swarm.


B-Fest: an all out love affair with intestinal fortitude.

... And be wary of random surprise attacks of vintage
toon porn during the overnight hours.

Ya know, there is something oddly Shakespearean
about Ro-Man's tragic plight.
(Illustrated beautifully by Buckethead Tim.)

"Foolish Hu-Mans. You Cannot Escape From Me!"

Here's a full recap of the madness that was B-Fest 2005.

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