Friday, March 26, 2010

Rehashed Reviews :: The Made for TV Edition!

Inspired by the equally inspired folks behind the Made for TV Mayhem Blog, namely Amanda by Night, this latest, and critically overdue, batch of rehashed reviews found me digging up and dusting off our long dormant CultTV section for seven tele-films, one for each day of the week, from the 1970's that are weird and wonderful and well worth your time. Enjoy!

Check out Pamela Franklin and 2/3rds of Charlie's Angels, who
are rats trapped in a maze as they fight the minions of evil
and lose, sort of, in Satan's School for Girls.

Then, when Deborah Raffin and Lynne Moody pick the wrong
place to have a flat tire and run into
a sadistic Sheriff, he quickly
railroads them right into a Nightmare in Badham County

Next, get yourself over the mid-week hump with this tale
of a sentient and homicidal piece of earth-moving equipment
that, somehow, keeps managing to sneak up on people.
Behold, the stealthy Killdozer.

Our Thursday night spectacular finds the Rifleman, that guy
from The Invaders, Jed Clampett and Captain Kirk trapped in a
plane and in a battle for their very lives against an unwanted
supernatural stowaway in The Horror at 37000 Feet

Then, our weekend starts off with a bang. A lot of them,
actually, when mad sniper Kurt Russell starts a killing spree,
making nowhere safe from The Deadly Tower.

Saturday:And the world of sleuthing will never be the same when psychic
race-car driver Leonard Nimoy teams up with occult expert
Susan Hampshire to unravel the mystery of Wyndom Manor.
The results of which are guaranteed to leave you Baffled!


And last but not least, our week wraps up with the Deadpan-Duo,
Detectives Joe Friday and Bill Gannon, as they try to track down
several missing women and solve a few other, grisly murders.
Yassir. Just the facts in Dragnet 1966.


Amanda By Night said...

Hey, thank for the plug and that is one fine batch of TV movies. I STILL haven't seen Nightmare in Badham County, but have a copy. I need to get moving! :)

W.B. Kelso said...

You're more than welcome. Man, Nightmare in Badham County just gets under your skin, and with those sleazy inserts inserted only makes things worse. HIGHLY recommended.

Thanks for commenting.

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