Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shields Up! There's a Blogathon on the Starboard Bow! Set Phasers on Post! :: Shatner Being Shatner : Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)

You get to see Shatner being Shatner, Tiffany Bolling's last hurrah, and thousands upon thousands of little, hairy extras running amok in this eco-terror flick from 1977, which gives our boy Wild Bill plenty of opportunities to taste the High Life and go, baby, go!

This post is another entry for Stacia's Shatnerthon Blogathon over at the delightful She Blogged by Night. Be sure to click on over and check out all the other contributions. Fantastic stuff.

Kingdom of the Spiders (1977) Arachnid Productions Ltd. :: Dimension Pictures / EP: Henry Fownes / P: Igo Kantor, Jeffrey M. Sneller / AP: J. Bond Johnson / D: John 'Bud' Cardos / W: Richard Robinson, Alan Caillou / C: John Morrill / E: Igo Kantor, Steven Zaillian / M: Igo Kantor / S: William Shatner, Tiffany Bolling, Woody Strode, Lieux Dressler, Natasha Ryan, David McLean


Stacia said...

I read this, I really did, but I used my fingers to block out the nasty evil spiders as I scrolled down.

So, did they order spiders by the economy pack for this movie or what? Dang.

W.B. Kelso said...

As a bit of an arachnophobe myself I feel your pain.

One of the more interesting bit in the extras was an apology for all the spiders who inadvertently lost their lives for the production.

And there's just something about that scene with the Q-Tip ... as if all the answers to the mysteries of the universe can be found on the tip. ACTING!!

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