Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays :: The 5th Annual All-Night Christmas Craptacular Moviethon!

A bold notion of tearing through Universal's Box Set of 1950's Sci-Fi gold for this year's all night movie marathon was scuttled at the last moment when someone beat me to it at a local retailer. *sigh* Stuck and thus, in an effort to come up with a new theme, several friends suggested several alternative routes. Routes that proved so tempting I decided to forgo a singular theme and partake in all of them; a potluck of films, if you will. And, after polishing off Season 3 of Deadwood, I'll be damned but if I didn't see a Holiday trend serendipitously presenting itself as the evening's festivities progressed.

Thanks to Tim, Jessica, Bill and Neil for all the suggestions.

And, with that:

A Very Merry Christmas to all.
(Or Bah! Humbug, where applicable.)

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