Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recommendations :: [REC]2

If you liked [REC], which I did -- a lot, then you'll probably like [REC]2, which I did -- just not quite as much. (And I would have liked it even more if that petulant little twerp, Tito, had met an even more gruesome fate.) Like with most sequels, the biggest hurdle [REC]2 has to overcome is the audience is keenly aware of the modus operandi of what came before, and what we get in this shrieking and gooey second helping, really, is just more of the same as the action picks up immediately from where the last film left off, with a specialized SWAT unit tasked to enter the quarantined building as an escort for some scientific muckety-muck, with his own clandestine motives, to find out what happened to the last group of inspectors sent in; who, you remember, met a grisly end in [REC]. The Lamberto Bava-esque explanation behind the outbreak works, sort of, but I think the franchise would have been better served if the true cause would have remained a mystery. As is, it leaves itself an even steeper hill to climb for the inevitable re-heated leftovers of [REC]3.

[REC]2, with a side order of
Rango, was also my first experience with the Red Box. Fairly slick and easy and affordable, and just as recommended.

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