Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays :: The 6th Annual All Night Christmas Craptacular Movie Marathon!

Ho Ho Ho-migod, but its that time of year, already, meaning time for another bout with the Holiday Blues and an all night Booze-Can of film and ferment to kick that funk square in the nethers. Anyways, in picking a theme, thoughts of a Blue Underground Christmas, an evening with Johnny Quest, or a trip through Universal International's sci-fi output were quickly pushed aside for something a little more, well, festive to help smite my melancholy most verily. And thus, I spent the evening with this:

And this...

And then this...

And, yes, even this...

And then, sufficiently boozed up, fearing I'd perhaps had a batch of bad Figgy Pudding (-- thanks a lot, Mr. Cardona), I decided to cleanse the palate, so to speak, with my favorite holiday special of all time.

That's right. It's Johnny LaRue's Street Beef: the Christmas Edition, with LaRrue banished to the frozen hinter streets, where he finally confesses up to his mistakes and is rewarded with the greatest gift of all.

*sigh* I really miss John Candy.

And that about wraps it up ... Feel free to swipe a piece of leftover X-Mas Pie, there, folks. Beyond that:

Happy Holiday, one and all.

Or Bah! Humbug, where applicable.

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