Saturday, December 3, 2011

It Was Epic.

Approximately one year ago, for my 40th Birthday, me and some friends of mine conspired to invade and commandeer the local Grand Theater for a party and private screening of my favorite film of all time. Here's the highlights:

(That is one gorgeous venue.)

(My folks.)

(Please note the giant cookie.)

(Almost showtime.)

Can't have a proper, classical theatrical experience without a few cartoons first, am I right?

And now, for the main feature...

(After 50 years, finally, a return engagement.)

(Yeah. I can die happily now.)

And the evening ended at the old Alibi Lounge, where, fittingly enough, I was served a giant mug of beer whose head of foam had completely frozen over solid. Now all I need is an electric blanket.

And it was, most definitely. Thanks one and all.


Life Between Frames said...

The perfect way to celebrate, sounds like an awesome night.

- Cody

Stacia said...

Startling! Your secret 40th birthday bash has been revealed!

I had no idea you watched some shorts beforehand, and "Feed the Kitty" is one of my very favorites.

W.B. Kelso said...

Thanks! We got lucky. Somebody knew a guy who knew guy etc. And the theater had just gone through a digital upgrade, meaning bring your own DVDs when finding a print of the film proved untenable both financially and logistically. But, eh, close enough.

There was talk of doing it again this year (screening either The Cannonball Run or Kelly's Heroes), but once again finances and logistics ultimately scuttled it.

Stacia: It would have been revealed sooner, but as usual, it took me this long to get it turned around. Feed the Kitty is, hands down, my favorite Looney Tune/ Merrie Melody. And I had hoped to burn a DVD of appropriate trailers for the occasion, too, but, alas, I ran outta time.

Glen said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate! Happy Birthday (very belated)!
Obviously doing it with a film print would have been MUCH cooler, but I totally understand the logistical and financial complications of trying to do something like that. Looks like it was a BLAST! I also had a special movie screening for my 40th B-day party (great minds think alike I guess). We did a backyard drive-in event and watched "Star Wars".

Glen said...

Whoops! Sorry about that. I sent along the wrong link. Sorry for any confusion. Here's the correct one:

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