Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Countdown :: My 100 Favorite Films of All Time in No Particular Order: #80 - #71:

Earlier this year I did a 100 Favorite Films countdown over on Twitter. And being completely swamped with no time to write this holiday season, I figured I'd close out the year by re-posting it here in a lead up to my Best Films of 2016 post. Please note this is a list of favorite films, not best films. (That would be an entirely different list.) And so, here are the films I love and can watch again and again and again with nary a guilty pleasure in the whole bunch. Again, there's no real order to it but I might sandbag a few for a Top 10 to polish this off. So please, enjoy these revelations or revel in how big a cine-idiot you think I am.

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