Saturday, April 14, 2012

Recommendations :: What I've Been Watching. And You Should, too. Or not...

It's like a nine-months later end result of a drunken prom date between Terrence Malick's BADLANDS and Arthur Penn's BONNIE AND CLYDE but I still found Mark Lester's BOBBIE JO AND THE OUTLAW to be oddly mesmerizing. And, yes, it goes well beyond catching a glimpse of Lynda Carter's magnificent boobs. And, besides, I was too busy crushing on Belinda Belasky's Essie May to really even notice. Available on demand through MGM or you can catch a pretty rough pan and scan print on Netflix. Recommendation: I dug it, but your mileage my vary.

SAW for Dummies, made by Dummies, for Dummies. Thanks for the recommendation, Netflix. Feh. My recommendation? HELL, no.

When one thinks about who would make a good cinematic viking the last person to pop into your mind would be Richard Widmark or Russ Tamblyn. And having them kidnap a princess to use as a hostage so they can steal a boat to look for a giant golden bell before the bad guys, led by a turban'd Sidney Poitier, beat them to it and make them take a ride on the slide from hell is just gravy, making THE LONG SHIPS a demented good time. Highly recommended.

Though I have seen this movie many times, love it and know it, backward and forward -- sure, we all do, but how many of us have actually seen CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON in 3-D? Well, I have. Twice. Once in the theater and now once on my TV courtesy of the Drive-In Classics Channel on my trusty Roku box. Drive-In Classics has a whole slew of 3-D films ready to stream in that format, including IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE. Word of warning, the prints are far from pristine and the 3-D process is hardly ideal and only works about 35% of the time (and that's being generous), and all of this will be moot unless you have some old 3-D glasses lying around ... But I still find this to be a really cool endeavor. Also, DIC's content is only available in 8-minute chunks, with repetitive commercials breaks in between. But, it's a free subscription, and as someone who has been bitching and moaning about the loss of this kind of content on the Superstations, this I can live with. Recommendation: As Rowdy Roddy Piper would say, Put on the glasses!

You know, I am of the opinion if Marty McFly had only totally futched things up in the 1950's and borked that lightning strike, the world would probably resemble the setting of Walter Hill's STREETS OF FIRE. Therefore, I have never hated Robert Zemeckis more than I do right now. Recommendation: Rock on, folks, and press play already!

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