Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Netflix'd :: Clearing Out the Instant Que :: Film Conversation and the Fine Art of Movie Recommendations When Slightly Drunk :: Leon Capetnos' Dirty O'Neil (1974)

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"Lick Dick in '72."
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Don't know about the rest of you but I have some pretty good conversations/arguments via text or Facebook or Twitter with my fellow movie addled-brethren. And, with their permission, I shall be re-posting the very same dust-ups right here. This round, my friend Mike and I square off over an innocent recommendation over Leon Capetnos' ode to cops on the (free sex) dole, Dirty O'Neil, which I didn't find all that terrible as far as mid-70 s AIP sleaze came and went. Mike on the other hand... 

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Dirty O'Neil (1974) Metaphor Production :: United Producers :: American International Pictures / EP: Leon Capetanos / P: John C. Broderick / AP: James V. Hart / D: Leon Capetanos, Lewis Teague / W: Leon Capetanos / C: Stephen M. Katz / E: Leon Capetanos / M: Raoul Kraushaar / S: Morgan Paull, Art Metrano, Pat Anderson, Jeane Manson, Katie Saylor

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