Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Glenda Farrell Project :: Take 6 :: A Life and Legacy In Her Own Words.

After becoming completely and obsessively twitter-pate'd with her, when I first started digging into the career and personal life of Glenda Farrell to find out all I could for this highly sporadic but completely heartfelt tribute series, it's sad to say there really wasn't a whole lot out there to find. A few web blurbs here; a fan page there; a PDF of an old magazine article -- if you were lucky; but no written biography to consult, or even speak of, sadly, for one of the most under-appreciated film talents of the 1930's.

Thankfully, an extremely informative vein was finally struck when several posts and photos on a Glenda Farrell thread were unearthed at the Silver Screen Oasis; with the majority of posts composed by Hardwicke Benthow, who was kind enough to reach out to me several posts back to compliment me on these efforts to shine a light on Farrell's career. And so, in kind, I am happy to report that Benthow has collected all of those posts and, after embellishing them even further, has published them again for all to enjoy, including a brand new page of Glenda quotes as she talks about her career in her own words.

Precious stuff, folks. Now click on over and get to reading!  

"You see, I tried – every agent tried to get me into pictures, but I never was a very pretty girl. I always had deep circles under my eyes, and lines down beside my mouth. I’d test, and they’d say, “You don’t photograph.” So I’d come back to New York, to the stage. So at the time they called me for Little Caesar, I thought: 'Oh—what’ll I use for a face?'” 

One of the things I am most thankful for from 2012 is getting a crash course on the life and times and film career of Glenda Farrell. And the more I dig, the more I love. And so, to share that love, we're kicking off The Glenda Farrell Project for 2013 and beyond, as I will do everything in my power to share my Glenda love in the usual, obsessive compulsive fashion in all matters and means and ways. Stay tuned! Lots more to come.

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