Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Memphis Or Bust -- And a Few Points In-Between.

Here's a few snapshots and candids from my recent trip south with my fellow Sons of Tupelo, where we covered about five States in two days. I don't know how long I'll leave these up as I don't know if it's technically legal to post some of these, but, eh, what the hell. Enjoy!

Giant statue of Mark Twain outside of Hannibal, MO.
(Anyone else getting a Zardoz vibe, here?)

Wohoo! And Hot Damn! I can get me a Sasquatch Turd!
(a/k/a a Stuckey's Foot-Long Pecan Log.)

Sitting on the porch of the house where the Big E was born.
(Tupelo, Miss.)

Mississippi Sunset.
(Somewhere on Route 278.)

And our literary tour continues with a visit to William Faulkner's grave.
(Oxford, Miss.)

Gates to Graceland.

The infamous Jungle Room.
(Sorry for the dinginess. No flash photos inside the mansion.)

Bizarre refractions in mirrored stairwell on the way to the basement.

All about the gold lame suit, baby.

...Aaaaand the Captain Marvel Jr. Jumpsuits.

Inside the Lisa Marie.
(Shoulda got a picture of the opulent toitee in that thing.)

Holy crap! It's my house circa 1977.
(Except we had Moody Blue on 8-Track.)

MmmMMmm. Fried Peanut-Butter and Nanner Sammich.
(Alas, bacon was not an option.)

Where giants walked and recorded, folks.

Elvis, Bill, Scotty and Sam.

And it all began...

... right there.

The trip was overwhelming, intoxicating (in more ways than you'd think), and a total @#%*ing riot. And to my fellow SOTS, Dave and Bill, thanks for the new stories, gentlemen -- make that: M'boys, M'boys...


Unknown said...

Great photos. I would love to get to Graceland some day. Elvis was the best!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I like the house Elvis was born in better than the one his riches garnered him.

And, kudos to you: Twain and Faulkner all in one trip.

Looks like a great time. I wish I could get out and do something similar, but working seven days a week is a rather sizable monkey wrench for such dreams . . .

Best to you.

W.B. Kelso said...

Thanks to you both.

I really, really dug the Elvis Birthplace museum; it was much more subdued and about %90 less in the crass/commercialism of Graceland. Still, the whole Alpha and Omega of the trip was pretty overwhelming. I'm still trying to properly process everything I saw.

If you ever decide to do it, I highly recommend you visit both sites.

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